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               Our privacy policy is effective as of February 6, 2018 to ensure that personal data and information collected 

          from visitors and customers will remain confidential. All data and information will not be sold, rented, and 

          disclosed to third parties in any ordinary course of business, unless consent has been given to provide to certain 

          third-party agent.


              We are committed to improving user experience on our website. Therefore, user interface, usability, and privacy 

          policy may vary at any given time without prior notice. All HARNN Lifestyle members will be notified of the 

          privacy policy update, which will require members to carefully read and acknowledge the full extent of the policy.



               Personal data and information are required for purchasing and logistics purposes on HARNN Lifestyle’s 

          website, including name, address, contact number, email address, and personal password. All confidential data are 

          secure for your safety, and users are recommended to secure their passwords accordingly.

               To keep you ahead and updated with HARNN Lifestyle, you may receive emails from us regarding promotional 

          activities, events, and business-related news.

               Our website may evaluate and improve our system based on your shopping behavior, without disclosing your 

          personal information to third-party agents – unless criteria are met in ‘How is this information shared’ section



               HARNN Lifestyle’s website may disclose personal data and information to third-party agents in legal 

          circumstances, after thorough investigation, where we have enough grounds to suggest that an individual and/or 

          individuals may be at risk.

               Our website may also disclose collected data and information to third-party agents should we be mandated to 

          present by law.



               HARNN Lifestyle will not be held accountable for direct or indirect damages caused by third-party agents or 

          websites who share content and/or media of HARNN Lifestyle, or believed to be from HARNN Lifestyle.



               If you have comments to share, HARNN Lifestyle website welcomes feedback that complies with privacy policy 

          to improve user experience for future visitors and customers.