Summer is in – the sun is out, and that’s where you should be too. For some, it’s the only chance to absorb as much sunlight in one year, or to soak up seawater and walk on sand under clear blue sky.


Let’s be honest, many of these summer activities can inflict some damage on our skin if we don’t get enough protection. UV rays can be unforgiving when we leave ourselves exposed. The consequence can range from outright skin dehydration, dark spots appearing, blemishes developing – not to mention all the mucky pollutants.

No worries. We’re here to give you 4 low-key summer skin rescue plans for summer remedy.

1. Hydrate Your Skin With Water

How do you solve the skin dehydration problem? Tackle it straight. Just like when you’re thirsty, replenish yourself with water – now, apply that same thinking to your skin.


Carry something as portable and easy-to-use as  Facial Mist where you can spritz onto your face. Feel purified, refreshed and hydrated with mineral water, and natural scents from various essential oils will re-energize your spirit.

Don’t overlook that each essential oil blend comes with its own benefit:
JASMINE – suitable for pampering sensitive skin.
ORIETAL ROSE – the secret to unlocking anti-ageing power.
CYMBOPOGON (Lemongrass and Lavender) – the answer to ‘how to get oily skin under control’.

2. Switch To Hydrating Your Skin With Oil

What’s more intense for nourishing dry skin than water? Oil it is.

For those who’ve just first handedly experienced excruciating sunburn, not even hydrating water will save you from itching and irritating sensation.


Body Oil Spray will comfort you with a soothing oil coating that nourishes your skin layers; Vitamin E contained in the oil spray provides much needed dose to strengthen your natural body oil. Plus, its rosy scent from Asian Roses acts as a re-balancer to calm your mind.

3. Get Your Skin Condition Back On Track By Natural Brightening Process

Now that you’ve undone the damage, it’s time to get your glow back, and what better way to achieve that glow than a natural method to skin brightening. Re-ignite that glow with brightening mulberry-based Overnight Mask. The ritual is simple: apply the leave-on mask, go to sleep, let the healing happen overnight, wake up and wash your face. The mask focuses on re-balancing the facial condition, fading away after-sun blemishes, and brightening dull skin – for normal and sensitive skin.

4. Take Brightening One Step Further

In case you were critically hit hard by sunlight, you might be looking a body care good to get your overall look back to your originally bright radiant glow, then using Tropical Wood body care collecting couldn’t have come at a better time.


All items under this collection contain Nano White and Fresh Cell technologies to deliver natural extracts from fruits that enhance skin brightening and whitening into your skin layer. Even if you were looking for answers to skin whitening, the products help your skin to be evenly toned.

Body care products in Tropical Wood Collection: Body Essence, Body Moisturizer, Body Refiner, Shower Cream, and Hand Cream.